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All purchases are month to month with no long-term obligation. If you purchase during the pre-launch period (October 31-November 2nd), not only will you secure the premium positions in your state and/or market, you will receive a 50% discount on all fees during the first six months following launch.


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About PersonalInjury.com

  • PersonalInjury.com will be the pre-eminent directory of personal injury lawyers and law firms with more than 20,000 lawyers listed at launch
  • It is exclusively for plaintiff personal injury lawyers
  • It will drive traffic and leads to your law firm’s website
  • PersonalInjury.com will be the number one way for potential clients to find the personal injury lawyer or law firm that is right for them
  • We offer multiple ways for consumers to connect with personal injury lawyers
  • It will have the latest news relating to personal injury law and will allow you to highlight your successful verdicts and settlements
  • Basic Attorney Profiles are free and lawyers and law firms can upgrade to enhanced profiles or purchase sponsored listings to ensure a higher number of leads

Questions & Answers

Potential clients can contact you directly by phone, email or online chat through your PersonalInjury.com profile. Most personal injury attorneys will already have a listing on PersonalInjury.com at the time of launch. All you need to do is verify it for free. Once you have claimed your listing, you will have the option to purchase an enhanced profile for $50 per month ($25 per month during the pre-launch window). Among other things, an enhanced profile will remove all advertising from your profile. If your law firm handles personal injury cases, you can purchase a law firm profile for $99 per month ($49.50 per month during the pre-launch window). You can also purchase a one of the three sponsored listings in your market for a very low monthly fee. This will help you get more leads from potential clients searching for a personal injury lawyer.
Your prospective clients can contact you directly by phone or email through the web form on your profile. The phone number listed on your profile is the number you put there when you claim it. The email that the web forms are sent to is the email address you put there when you claim your profile. For an additional fee you can purchase online chat so potential clients can contact you instantly through your smart phone. If you purchase an Enhanced Profile, you will be have access to analytic data that shows who viewed your profile and if they sent you an email through your contact form.
There are three sponsored listings for each market. There are three sponsored listings for each state. Once these listings have been purchased no other sponsored listings will be sold.
Most directories list all lawyers or law firms regardless of the types of cases they handle. PersonalInjury.com only lists lawyers and law firms that handle plaintiff personal injury cases. PersonalInjury.com is totally focused on generating leads for participating lawyers and law firms. PersonalInjury.com has an effective organic and paid marketing strategy to generate consumer interest and traffic from injured victims and family members who are looking for a personal injury lawyer who can help solve their problems.
Everything at PersonalInjury.com – including subscriptions for Enhanced Profiles, Sponsored Listings and Display Ads – are sold on a month-to-month basis. All subscriptions are purchased through your online dashboard once you are logged in. All you have to do is enter your credit card information. There are no long-term obligations. You can cancel any subscription at any time through your dashboard at least 15 days before the end of the current monthly term.
Yes. We do expect to increase prices for Sponsored Listings and Display Ads as we generate more traffic and more leads for our subscribers. We do not anticipate increasing the monthly fees for Enhanced Profiles $50 per month for attorneys $99 per month for law firms.
We only work with plaintiff personal injury attorneys and law firms that handle tort and related claims on behalf of victims. The claims we promote to potential clients include: Accident claims Medical malpractice claims Product liability claims Asbestos/Mesothlioma claims Whistleblower/Qui Tam claims Defective drug claims Defective medical device claims Other tort claims
We will provide subscribers with regular updates on the traffic growth and overall leads generated by PersonalInjury.com. If you use a unique tracking phone number on your profile, you will be able to track all phone leads from your website. (Tracking phone numbers – local and 800 – are available for $50 per month). You can see all click throughs to your law firm’s website and leads generated through the contact form on your profile through your PersonalInjury.com dashboard. You will receive regular reports on all leads generated through online chat (if you purchase that service) on your profile.
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